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As a member of Courtyard Health & Fitness you will have automatic access to:

  • A comprehensive range of cardio vascular equipment, including concept II rowers, treadmills, upright & recumbent bikes, dual function elliptical trainers, cross trainers, arc trainers, steppers.
  • Six station Technogym Easyline pneumatic resistance strength circuit.
  • Six station Pulse Power Line weight stacked strength circuit.
  • Seven station Pulse rehabilitation circuit.
  • Six station Jordan plate loaded strength circuit.
  • 2,000 kilograms of free weights complimented by inclined, declined and flat Olympic benches plus 3 Olympic weights bars and collars.
  • 30 pairs of dumbbells (2.5kg to 40kg).
  • Olympic leg and chest press training benches, preacher curl and calf machine.
  • Olympic squat rack with safety bars.
  • Dual multi-pulley cable cross over machine.
  • 3d Smith Machine.
  • Squat and dead lift frame.
  • Single multi-elevation, multi-functional pulley.
  • Three chins/dips frames (one especially for women).
  • Exercise studio with mirrored walls and full range of light dumbbells, exercise mats, TRX straps, stability balls, punch bags, skipping ropes, gloves, pads, speed ball, balance master and vibration platform.
  • Toilet, changing and showering facilities.

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