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Courtyard Health & Fitness Limited was established in 1996 by Carl Ward and associates and it has been family owned and managed for the last 25 years. Carl moved to Dursley in 1975 with his wife and went on to have two children who grew up in Dursley, went to the local schools and set down roots in the town. Carl trained as a Physical Education teacher and Exercise Physiologist before teaching at Rednock school and managing Dursley's Sports Centre for over a decade where he introduced Dursley's residents to 'Keep Fit' and weight training circuits. Carl was also an international athlete, representing England as a hockey player. He later became the Head of Coaching for the All England Women's Hockey Association and spent 5 years working in Italy as Head Coach for the Italian men's hockey team before opening Courtyard Health & Fitness. Carl always shared his passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness with his children, both of  whom later became Fitness Instructors when he opened Courtyard Health & Fitness.

Sadly, Carl passed away in November 2019 after a long and hard battle with Multiple Myeloma. Carl's dying wish was for his business to continue and for his passion for health and fitness to live on in Dursley.  Following the COVID pandemic, our family was forced to make the difficult decision to temporarily close the club in July 2021. However, we partially re-opened 12 months ago and after a year we are delighted to announce our official re-opening on 30th May 2023. We want to welcome back our former loyal members whilst inviting new members to become part of our club.  

I have been a qualified Fitness Instructor for the past 25 years but in 2002 I was involved in a serious and life changing road traffic accident and had to learn to walk again. Most recently, I have undergone a full hip replacement and I understand the impact chronic pain and physical mobility issues can have on our ability to carry out the simplest of every day tasks. I can help you to manage the effects and improve your daily quality of life. As a working  mother of 3, and having had contrasting birthing experiences and thus post natal recovery, I realise both the physical impact and time constraints being a parent can have on our lives as well as our health and fitness. I can help you to reintroduce exercise into your weekly routine which is targeted at improving your health and energy levels whilst balancing your time commitments.