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About Us

Courtyard Health & Fitness' unique selling point has always been its free and unlimited personal service. We understand how daunting it can feel to go to a gym so our goal has always been to make the experience a supportive and positive one. Whilst many people aim to live a healthy lifestyle, we understand that time constraints and motivation can be huge obstacles which prevent us from prioritising our health. We know that if you feel confident, supported and welcome at your fitness venue, the likelihood of you achieving your fitness goals are massively improved.

At Courtyard Health & Fitness you are not a faceless membership number or a source of revenue, you are a valued customer who we take the time to get to know and become friends with. We personally induct you to the gym, design you a bespoke fitness programme, support you until you have the confidence to follow your programme independently, introduce you to other members and encourage friendship and socialising, track and review your progress and encourage you to make permanent healthy lifestyle changes.

Courtyard Health & Fitness is a club that we want you to feel a valued part of.