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FREE Personalised Service

Getting Started

For most people joining a gym, learning how to use the equipment and working out on your own in front of unfamiliar faces can sometimes be an intimidating prospect. That’s why, at Courtyard Health & Fitness, we will help and suport you through every step of your fitness journey from complete novice to experienced gym user. Our One-to-One service is included FREE in your membership package and we are always available to answer your questions and to provide you with helpful training tips to enhance your experience and encourage you to reach your health and fitness aspirations.


Personal care and attention

Research has revealed that people who receive regular personal coaching make greater improvements to their fitness than those who are left to work out on their own. When you join Courtyard Health & Fitness you are offered four FREE personal coaching sessions. We record all your personalised settings in a bespoke fitness programme which ensures that you have the best possible start and accelerate the process of improving your personal fitness.

After that, we offer regular personal reviews to ensure you are making the progress you need and want. ALL your personal coaching sessions, unlimited advice and guidance, programme reviews and updates are included, FREE of charge, in your membership package. This offer is subject to availability. Contact us for confirmation.

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How often do I need to exercise to improve my fitness?

Generally speaking you need to exercise at least twice a week to make any improvement to your general health and fitness. At Courtyard Health & Fitness, we appreciate that most people lead busy lives and have very little time to spare so we make every effort to ensure your exercise regime fits in with the rest of your daily routine and allows you to get the very best out of every moment you spend in the gym. With us, you can expect to make  improvements to your personal fitness by doing just 2 to 3  x 30 minutes of prescribed exercise a week. Once you tell us what you would like to achieve and how much time you have to spare we will design a programme exclusively for you. You decide what you want and we help you achieve it.

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